Scintific Groups of the Woman and Family Researchs Center
Name and Family
Mohammad Taqi, PhD Karami

Education/academic background:
PhD in Philosophy and Islamic theology from Teacher Training University
M.A in Philosophy and Islamic theology from Qom University and Imam Sadeq University
Professional background
Faculty member of WFRC
Head of department of women’s studies and the chief of center for cultural studies of the youth of Allameh Tabataba'i University
Administrative and student deputy at Allameh Tabataba'i University,s  faculty of social sciences
Head of department of women and family affairs of the Iranian Parliament’s research center from 2004 to 2006
Teaching background:
Teaching of different issues of women at Qom and Tehran’s WFRC
Teaching at different universities like Islamic Religions Universities in Qom, Shahed University in Tehran, Allameh Tabataba'i University in Tehran, Tehran University, Teacher Training University in Tehran, and Imam Khomeini International University    
Research background:
Positive and negative Divine attributes (A comparison between the ideas of Qazi Saied Qommi and Molla Sadra)
Affirming the existence of God: A comparison between the ideas of Avicenna and Swinburne
The ruling principles of The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting for making programs about women
Articles published in leading magazines:
The Names and the Attributes of God from the viewpoint of Molla Sadra, Islamic Theology Magazin-2001
Feminism, Journal of Dictionary- 2001
A review of boys and girls relations in Iran-2008
Positive reality of existence and the faith-giving of Avicenna’s Seddiqin argument (or the argument of the righteous), Scientific-research journal of the letter of wisdom   
A research on the principles of gender policy-making, scientific-research journal – The supreme council of Cultural Revolution (SCRC)
A review of the relation between religiousness and the women’s lifestyle, scientific-research journal
The political culture of Shia religious scholars, scientific-research journal
Published books:
Theoretical study of civilization (with the cooperation of other authors) - 2007
A collection of articles on women’s social problems

پژوهشکده زن و خانواده با هدف تبیین دیدگاه نظام‌مند دین پیرامون مسائل زن و خانواده، تعمیق پژوهش‌ها و کارشناسی‌های دینی و پاسخ‌گویی به نیازهای تئوریک و دفاع از مرزهای اعتقادی در این حوزه توسط مرکز مدیریت حوزه های علمیه خواهران در سال 1377 تاسیس گردید. ادامه ...
نشـانی‌مرکز‌قـم:بلوار الغدیر ، کوچه 10 ،پلاک5 پژوهشکده زن و خانواده
تلفـن: 58-32603357 (۰۲۵)
فکس: 32602879 (۰۲۵)
سامانه‌پیامکی: 1۰۰۰2532907610
نشـانی‌دفترتهــران: بلوارکشاورز،خیابان نادری،ک حجت‌دوست،پ ۵۶
تلفـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــن: ۴ ۴ ۹ ۳ ۸ ۹ ۸ ۸   (۱ ۲ ۰)
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