Scintific Groups of the Woman and Family Researchs Center
Social Studies Group

Social Studies Group
Group Director:
Doctor Mohammad Taghi Karami Qahi
Group Members:
Somayyeh Haji Esmaieli, Fahimeh Zare, Fatemeh Saeedi, Somayyeh Arab Khorasani and Zeynab Zadsar
The Social Studies Group is a research group performing fundamental, developmental and applied research in the area of women and the family with a religious approach and a comprehensive and critical view on social sciences, using scientific methods and referring to the original sources of research.
1. Paving the ground for the production and reproduction of sociological theories with a religious approach in the area of women and the family,
2. Meeting the scientific needs of the scientific community and policy-making institutions,
3. Paving the ground for the creation of a purposeful and networked research movement in scientific institutions, especially in religious research centers,
4. Paving the ground for and scientifically supporting the education and training of individuals to become experts in social sciences with a religious approach;
1. Focusing on domestic research needs,
2. Adopting a critical approach to methods, theories and principles of social sciences,
3. Developing and deepening efficient relations with the scientific community,
4. Coordination with the Comprehensive Research Program;
1. Performing fundamental, developmental and applied research,
2. Cooperation in the development of the Comprehensive Research Program of the Social Sciences Group in the area of women and the family,
3. Interacting and consulting with experts in the area of women and the family,
4. Holding domestic and international courses, workshops, conferences and meetings pertaining to different issues of women and the family.   
Mohammad Taghi Karami Qahi: (Article) A Discourse Analysis of the Three Development Programs with an Approach to the Issue of Women and the Family (Welfare and Social Development Planning Quarterly, No. 13, winter 2012); Examining Iran’s Social Issues (in cooperation with Seyyed Mahdi E’temadi Fard, Letter of Social Sciences, winter 2010)    
Research Projects:
Ms Haji Esmaieli: The Social Structure of Divorce (secondary analysis)
Ms Saeedi: Typology of the Views of Divorced Women on Divorce
Ms Arab Khorasani: An Explanation of the Viewpoints of the WFRC on the Issue of Women and the Family   
Ms Zare’: An Examination of the Consequences of Women’s Views on Family Values for Seeking Divorce
Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops:
Doctor Mohammad Taghi Karami: The Social Structure of Divorce in Iran (2012)
Ms Zadsar: Religiousness and Women’s Life-Style (2013)
Ms Haji Esmaieli: Secretary of the National Conference on Motherhood (2013)

پژوهشکده زن و خانواده با هدف تبیین دیدگاه نظام‌مند دین پیرامون مسائل زن و خانواده، تعمیق پژوهش‌ها و کارشناسی‌های دینی و پاسخ‌گویی به نیازهای تئوریک و دفاع از مرزهای اعتقادی در این حوزه توسط مرکز مدیریت حوزه های علمیه خواهران در سال 1377 تاسیس گردید. ادامه ...
نشـانی‌مرکز‌قـم:بلوار الغدیر ، کوچه 10 ،پلاک5 پژوهشکده زن و خانواده
تلفـن: 58-32603357 (۰۲۵)
فکس: 32602879 (۰۲۵)
سامانه‌پیامکی: 1۰۰۰2532907610
نشـانی‌دفترتهــران: بلوارکشاورز،خیابان نادری،ک حجت‌دوست،پ ۵۶
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