Scintific Groups of the Woman and Family Researchs Center
Theoretical Studies Group

Theoretical Studies Group
Group Director:
Mohammad Reza Zeebai-Nezhad
Group Members:
Fariba Alasvand, Zohre Rajabian, Maryam Madmoli, Narges Khoddami and Zahra Amin Majd
The Theoretical Studies Group was established at 2003 with the aim of explaining Islamic viewpoints in the area of philosophical and theological studies (in the general sense of the terms). The results of the theoretical studies of this group can be considered as a basis for analytical studies in other scientific groups.     
Fariba Alasvand : (Book) Woman In Islam (2011); Women and Equal Rights (2003); Critique of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (2003); Women in the Balance of Rights and Duties (2006); Limits of, the Presence of the State in Private Affairs of the Family (Book of Women Quarterly, Spring 2002); A Series of Criminal Laws
Zohre Rajabiyan: (Article) Alimony  (Encyclopedia of Fatimi Culture, 2005); Women’s Clothing in the Areas of Law and the State (in the book The Islamic System and the Issue of Hijab); Birth Control from an Islamic Viewpoint (Houra Journal, 2010)
Zahra Amin Majd: (Article) A Model for the Distribution of Roles According to Gender (Shia Ladies, 2010); Consequences and Benefits of Hijab (Women’s Message, 2010);  The Nuclear Family (Houra Journal, 2010)
Narges Khoddami: (Article) The State and the Family (Family Pathology, 2009); Jurisprudence and Life (Nameh Jamiah monthly periodical, 2005); Examining University Textbooks on the Subject of Family Planning (Houra Journal)
Mohammad Reza Zeebai-Nezhad: The Status of Gender and Family in the Formal Education System: Feminism and Feminist Knowledge, 2003, (with the cooperation of a group of authors); (Article) “Women and a Re-Examination of the Ideals of the Islamic Revolution”, 2004; “Prostitution from a Different Perspective: Causes, Consequences and Approaches”
Research Projects:
Fariba Alasvand: Limits of the Interference of the State in the Religious Laws Pertaining to the Family
Zohreh Rajabian: Validity of Specific Presumptions Concerning Islamic Teachings (with a Focus on Traditions about Women)
Narges Khodami: Motherhood in Islamic Thought
Maryam Madmoli: Recognition of Gender Issues in the Philosophy of Ethics
Zahra Amin Majd: Gender Theology
Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops:
Maryam Madmoli: Recognition of Gender Issues in the Philosophy of Ethics (2013); The Influence of Sociological Theories on Family Developments (2009)
Fariba Alasvand: (abroad): A Comparative Analysis of the Rights of Men and Women (U.S.A); Barriers to Motherhood in the Modern World (U.S.A); Elaborations on the Islamic View on Woman’s Rights (Italy); Family in Islamic Countries (Turkey); (Iran): Feminism and Neo-I’tizal (2012)
Zahra Amin Majd: Gender Theology (2012); Are Men and Women Equal in Reaching Felicity? (2010)
Zohre Rajabiyan: Rights and Gender: A Critique of the Complete Equality of the Rights of Men and Women from the Viewpoint of the Western Schools of Philosophy of Rights and Philosophy of Ethics (2011)

پژوهشکده زن و خانواده با هدف تبیین دیدگاه نظام‌مند دین پیرامون مسائل زن و خانواده، تعمیق پژوهش‌ها و کارشناسی‌های دینی و پاسخ‌گویی به نیازهای تئوریک و دفاع از مرزهای اعتقادی در این حوزه توسط مرکز مدیریت حوزه های علمیه خواهران در سال 1377 تاسیس گردید. ادامه ...
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