Members of the Board of the Woman and Family Researchs Center
Name and Family
Hujjatu l-Islām wa l-Muslimīn Mohammad Reza Zibaei Nejad

Education/academic background
Fourth grade graduate in principles of Islamic Jurisprudence/Management Centre of Qom Religious Seminaries
Professional background
Chief of the Woman and Family Research Centre (WFRC) from 1998-present
Member of licensing commission of Research Units of Qom religious seminary (Hawza) from 2010 - present
Member of policy-making council of religious seminaries for women (Hawza) in 2012
Member of Hawza specialized council affiliated to the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution- 2012
Teaching background:
Teaching of religious sciences (Hawza) from 1985-present   
Teaching a course on the Family in Islam, Lifestyle Institute- 2015
Teaching a course on the Family in Islam, Imam Khomeini education and research institute
Internship in women’s studies, WFRC
Research background:
Research on women’s issues at the Center for Islamic Research of National Broadcasting Organization in1996
Articles published in leading magazines:
Government and the family relations, the need for reviewing the approaches, Analytical statement of WFRC- 2014
Population Developments in Iran, Analytical Statement of WFRC- 2013
Family Dialogue, Analytical Statement of WFRC- 2012

Indications and Factors Influencing Iranian Families’ Actions- 2011
Family and Consumption of New Cultural Goods, Analytical Statement of WFRC- 2010
Published books:
Analyzing the major issues of women and the family in Iran- 2014       
Family, Gender and Formal Educational System- 2012
Women’s Occupation, with the cooperation of a group of authors-2011
Family Pathology, with the cooperation of a group of authors-2011
Comparative Christology- 2008
Jesus and ethics-2016
Elected author in the 15th Hawza book fair in 2013 for the book of “Family, Gender and Formal Educational System”
Knowing foreign language:
Arabic, specialized texts

پژوهشکده زن و خانواده با هدف تبیین دیدگاه نظام‌مند دین پیرامون مسائل زن و خانواده، تعمیق پژوهش‌ها و کارشناسی‌های دینی و پاسخ‌گویی به نیازهای تئوریک و دفاع از مرزهای اعتقادی در این حوزه توسط مرکز مدیریت حوزه های علمیه خواهران در سال 1377 تاسیس گردید. ادامه ...
نشـانی‌مرکز‌قـم:بلوار الغدیر ، کوچه 10 ،پلاک5 پژوهشکده زن و خانواده
تلفـن: 58-32603357 (۰۲۵)
فکس: 32602879 (۰۲۵)
سامانه‌پیامکی: 1۰۰۰2532907610
نشـانی‌دفترتهــران: بلوارکشاورز،خیابان نادری،ک حجت‌دوست،پ ۵۶
تلفـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــن: ۴ ۴ ۹ ۳ ۸ ۹ ۸ ۸   (۱ ۲ ۰)
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